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On December 4th, a judge in New York once again brought back DACA, and the incoming Biden Administration has promised to protect the program. Though DACA is not entirely safe from legal challenges, the Consortium is hoping and planning for a future where nearly 50,000 young immigrants in New Jersey will be eligible for DACA’s protections.

Dreamers in New Jersey and around the country worked tirelessly for years to achieve this victory. Yet though winning back DACA is a major step, the work doesn’t end here. Just by helping eligible New Jersey Dreamers apply for DACA, the state could immediately legalize at least a quarter of its young adult immigrant population. 

The Consortium and our partner organizations are working to make DACA dreams come true for young immigrants in New Jersey. Our goal is to help as many DACA-eligible youth as possible apply for the program in the coming year. To get there, the Consortium is working with longtime partners and new collaborators across the state, with a goal to reach as many youth as possible, particularly in chronically underserved areas.

  • The Consortium is planning the first systemic effort to help immigrants in underserved South Jersey agricultural communities apply for DACA. We are bringing together pro bono attorneys, law school clinics, grassroots South Jersey organizations, and government partners to bring the badly needed protections of DACA to these communities for the first time
  • At the same time, the Consortium is supporting its coalition partners who are long-time leaders on DACA as they bring DACA to their communities.
  • The Consortium is training community-based organizations on DACA eligibility, making sure that the organizations closest to immigrant youth can educate their communities about the program.
  • For those young people who can’t reach legal services, the Consortium is preparing detailed pro se materials to help them understand whether they qualify and what they need to apply.

To support Dreamers throughout the state, the Consortium has created a DACA Document Collection Guide in Spanish and English. You can download the guide as a Google Doc by clicking the links, or view the guide in both languages on the Consortium website here.