To support Dreamers throughout the state, the Consortium has created a DACA Document Collection Guide in Spanish and English. The guide is packed with practical tips for requesting important documents and sample template declarations to support applicants. Click the links above to download the guide and use at your convenience. You can also view the guides in English and Spanish on this page, below.

A few tips to keep in mind while gathering evidence:

  • Typically, it is recommended to have evidence showing your presence in the United States for every three month period. For instance, if you have evidence showing you were present in the United States in January 2013, your next piece of evidence should show you were present around April 2013.
  • If you lack evidence for a particular time period, you can use declarations from people who know you to fill in the gap. Our guide explains how. Be sure to get at least two declarations to fill each gap.
  • You have rights to request information from employers and medical providers. Check out our guide to learn more about how the law protects you.